Researchers awarded Newton Fund grant for sustainable buildings project in India
25 October 2017

Low Carbon Building Group researchers win award for research on energy efficiency
19 October 2017

New collaborative research aims to reduce impact of overheating in new housing
15 May 2017

Low Carbon Building Group leads new United Nations research project on mainstreaming sustainable social housing in India
12 December 2016

Energy saving community project wins prestigious Energy Awards
02 December 2016

Brookes at UN-Habitat III Conference in Ecuador
14 October 2016

Academics shortlisted for prestigious RIBA research award
27 September 2016

UK lagging behind Europe in supporting and prolonging cycling among the older population
26 September 2016

Oxford Brookes professor in contention for award recognising outstanding contribution to construction
23 September 2016

Great turnout for annual Eco Bicester Living Lab conference
29 June 2016

Hotter, drier summers have serious implications for the UK’s ageing population
12 May 2016

Developing Healthy Cities through collaborative research in Brazil and the UK
1 March 2016

Bicester’s Garth House makeover cuts energy bills for a historic building
25 January 2016

Building performance evaluation research brochure launched at a national conference on building better buildings
07 December 2015

Heron: A new EU funded research project on socio-economic elements of energy efficiency
10 November 2015

Three new full-time Research posts in the OISD Low Carbon Building Group
23 September 2015

Addressing the housing crisis - balancing numbers and affordability
23 July 2015

Major EU research grant for advanced energy technology project
29 May 2015

Researchers author major UN report on greening social housing
15 May 2015

Low Carbon Communities research findings published at engaging conference
8 April 2015

Oxford Brookes contribution to Guangzhou Awards for Urban Innovation
10 March 2015

Brookes wins Marie Curie Fellowship Grant for Compact Neighbourhood and Social Sustainability Research
26 Feb 2015

Architecture staff win ‘Best Paper’ award for low carbon community research
5 Jan 2015

Oxford Brookes and Bio Regional Development Group Launch Eco-Bicester Living Lab
22 July 2014

Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development at the World Urban Forum in Medellin – Colombia
19 June 2014

Evaluating the performance of low carbon buildings and communities: how far, how much?
15 May 2014

Reader in Architecture receives British Academy / Leverhulme Trust research grant
1 April 2014

Low Carbon Communities research receives government recognition
12 March 2014

Brookes completes five Future Climate projects to develop new climate change strategies
17 February 2014

Brookes £100k Future Cities project to revolutionise energy management in buildings
17 February 2014

OISD develops revolutionary GreenUnit modular building
16 December 2013

Get Climate Ready: Moving Towards Low Energy and Low Carbon Buildings
25 November 2013

Visionary science and sustainability seminar series returns
14 November 2013

Senior Research Fellow achieves book launch in Portugal
21 October 2013

Successful funding bid for affordable housing project across three Technology, Design and Environment departments
21 October 2013

OISD Wins Double Funding
3 October 2013

Architecture Professor Joins Academy of Excellence
26 September 2013

Professor James Simmie receives AESOP award
10 September 2013

Opportunities for Research and Innovation in the Built Environment: A view from Public and Private Sectors
5 August 2013

Adaptation to X: The journey from vulnerability to readiness
11 June 2013

Delivering a genuinely sustainable built environment - the challenges and opportunities
23 May 2013

OISD researchers retrofit homes to reduce energy bill costs
15 April 2013

OISD researchers help to future-proof eco-homes to withstand global warming
28 February 2013

Oxford Brookes University takes Lead Partner role with United Nations Human Settlements Program in the World Urban Campaign
17 September 2012

Urbanisation in Iran - a landmark international conference supported by Oxford Brookes University
13 September 2012

Professor Rajat Gupta to become the next Director of OISD
23 July 2012

Tim Dixon (Director of OISD) to move to the University of Reading
12 June 2012

OISD Report on Low Carbon Cities Launched
27 March 2012

OISD Retrofit 2050 Presents at Chief Scientific Advisors' Meeting: March 2012
14 March 2012

OISD Participates in Guardian Discussion on Sustainable Cities
1 March 2012

OISD and Oxford Brookes setting a sustainable example in our education system
18 January 2012

New research and knowledge transfer: reducing the energy costs of commercial property in the UK
19 November 2011

RICS to publish OISD report on Low Carbon Plans for UK Cities
18 November 2011

OISD and Department of Planning respond to draft NPPF
14 October 2011

Director of OISD gives keynote at launch of Berkeley's 2011 Sustainability Report
29 September 2011

RICS Green Gauge 2010 Results Published
26 September 2011

OISD presents at Oxford University 'Pathways to Impact' government policy workshop
20 June 2011

Urban Futures: PhD Studentships Now Available for 2011
23 March 2011

Low Carbon Building Group ensures low carbon homes live up to their sustainable credentials
22 March 2011

OISD at Ecobuild
2 March 2011

Knowledge transfer with OISD leads to National Award shortlisting for Architectural Practice
2 February 2011

OISD:RELP at Anglo-Japan Symposium on Brownfield Regeneration 2010
22 December 2010

OISD Research: Major ESRC Grant to lead cutting-edge research on low carbon communities
22 November 2010

Three leading publications from OISD researchers
22 November 2010

OISD holds international research workshop on New Path Creation
21 September 2010

OISD Awarded Major EPSRC Grant on Retrofitting Cities to 2050
26 August 2010

New Research Reveals the Lessons of Japan's 'Lost Decade' in a 'Tale of Two Cities'
25 August 2010

OISD:ILM researchers win Best Paper Award
13 June 2010

First RICS Green Gauge Survey Results Published
12 June 2010

OISD Wins Funding from Oxford University's 'Future of Cities' Programme
10 April 2010

John Glasson appointed a Commissioner to the UK IPC
1 March 2010

Nicholas Whitehouse gains MBE
11 January 2010

Adapting to a changing climate: a three-year UK Research Council-funded project
9 January 2010

Zero carbon homes for the future
17 December 2009

Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development and European Investment Bank publish "Measuring Socially Sustainable Urban Regeneration in Europe" study
30 November 2009

Professor Dixon achieves honorary fellowship of the Institute of Green Professionals
22 Sept 2009

Two new PhD studentships available (Urban Futures)
02 July 2009

OISD UK-India Conference on Urban Sustainability and Green Buildings for the 21st century
15 May 2009

OISD research for IPF shows emerging demand for sustainable offices in the UK
24 March 2009

Carbon Mapping by OISD and Cities Revealed puts Climate Change Act into Place
20 March 2009

OISD at UNESCO Workshop on World Heritage Conservation
27 Feb 2009

OISD - EIB Workshop on Social Sustainability and Urban Regeneration in EU Cities</a>
19-20 Feb 2009

City Form Research is Highly Rated
January 2009

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment Ranked 5th in RAE Research Power Table
December 2008

New EPSRC Research Begins on 'Understanding Walking and Cycling'
December 2008

OISD:ILM and CENDEP at UN Habitat 4th World Urban Forum, Nanjing
December 2008

Institute of Civil Engineers awards Howard Medal to OISD:Technology staff
November 2008

OISD:UPM research for NESTA shows that 'history matters' for Britain's city regions
October 2008

OISD:ILM research influences national and international policy and practice’
October 2008

RICS/OISD Conference: 'Sustainability still matters in a credit crunch'
October 2008

OISD responds to major RCEP Consultation
October 2008

OISD research is highly rated by EPSRC
October 2008

OISD helps raise the profile of sustainable urban form in India
August 2008

OISD responds to major policy consultations
May 2008

Delivering New Homes:OISD research referenced in All Party Parliamentary Report
May 2008

UK government gets wise to OISD research
April 2008

OISD Joins UK Green Building Council
March 2008

OISD launches new Brookes CSR/SRI network
February 2008

OISD at Brookes is a Key Player in Sustainable Development Research
February 2008

OISD Conference asks, can the built environment change to survive?
January 2008

New publication by Aylin Orbasli: Architectural Conservation
December 2007

OISD research for IPF shows that Energy Performance Certificates will impact on commercial property prices
October 2007

Two New Research Reports Completed for RICS
October 2007

UK - India - Sri Lanka: Young Scientists Networking Conference
Towards sustainable energy technologies and low carbon buildings for climate change mitigation

October 2007

IASTE 2008 Conference in Oxford, 12-15 December 2008
October 2007

OISD Strengthens Links with Built Environment Professionals: RICS and EXPO REAL Conferences
October 2007

Recent funding successes for carbon-counting research in OISD
October 2007

Special Call for Papers: Sustainable Commercial Real Estate (Journal of Property Investment and Finance)
August 2007

OISD starts work on Phase 2 of I’DGO (Inclusive Design for Getting Outdoors)
August 2007

OISD Wins New Contract with UrbanBuzz Programme
August 2007

Conference - European Real Estate Society (ERES)
July 2007

Minimising the carbon footprint of existing buildings | June 2007

Path dependence, territorial innovation systems and the absorptive capacities of English city regions
April 2007

The Atlas of Vernacular Architecture of the World
March 2007

Greening and Energy-Efficient Cities: UK-India Symposium, 7-8 February, British Council Delhi, India
Feb. 2007

New Leadership Team for UK’s Largest Sustainable Development Research Institute
Jan 2007

Warning on the risk of failure in flagship brownfield regeneration projects
March 2006