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Delivering New Homes:
OISD research referenced in All Party Parliamentary Report

May 2008

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A new report by the All Party Urban Development Group draws on existing work by Prof. Tim Dixon of OISD in the Thames Gateway and Greater Manchester. The All Party report argues that the Government's target of three million homes by 2020 is under threat, unless councils and private sector investors take the lead in building and managing these new homes.

Drawing on existing literature, which includes the recent EPSRC SUBR:IM brownfield research by Tim Dixon (and which is referenced in the report), the findings from the All Party Urban Development Group shows that councils need extra support from Whitehall, and especially from the newly created Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), to deliver the additional homes needed in their areas. Case studies in the Ebbsfleet Valley (Thames Gateway) and Greater Manchester, the two main areas of study in the EPSRC research, are also used in the All Party report to identify key housing challenges in England. For example, large parts of the south east are grappling with the challenges of demand and affordability, and some parts of the north are struggling to regenerate communities to create both market rate and affordable housing.

A book based on the research (and published by Blackwells) has also recently been produced by Tim Dixon and co-editors from the EPSRC SUBR:IM research consortium. For further information click here.

Professor Tim Dixon, Director of OISD, commented:

'We are very pleased that our research findings are clearly pertinent to the ongoing policy debate on housing shortage. This is a further example of how the work of OISD is influencing and shaping the key dialogues on housing and partnership arrangements in delivering sustainable communities '.

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