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OISD Joins UK Green Building Council

March 2008

Green Building Council Logo

The Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development (OISD) has joined the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC). The UKGBC was launched in February 2007 to bring cohesion to the green building movement and is a campaign for a sustainable built environment. Its main task is to bring clarity, purpose and co-ordination of strategy to the sector.

UKGBC is a membership organisation, consisting of businesses from across the industry, all of whom believe the challenge of sustainability is an opportunity, not a threat. In addition to industry, UKGBC members include NGOs, academic institutions and government agencies.

Paul King, Chief Executive of UKGBC, said:

"I'm delighted OISD at Oxford Brookes has joined the UK Green Building Council's campaign for a sustainable built environment. Our members are increasingly drawn from right across the built environment - and the private, public and third sectors. OISD at Oxford Brookes has an enviable reputation as a key player in sustainable development research and we look forward to a very active involvement in our work to break down the barriers, whether in government policy or industry behaviour, to a more sustainable built environment."

Professor Tim Dixon, Director of OISD, said:

“OISD is delighted to join the UK Green Building Council. The Council’s mission fits closely with our own in terms of a progressive, positive and solutions-led approach. There is a particular synergy through our joint desire to promote research and innovation and the spread of best practice to develop a sustainable built environment”.



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