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Two New Research Reports Completed for RICS

Press Release Dated - October 2007

report 1
report 2

Researchers in OISD-International Land Markets Group (based in Dept. of Real Estate and Construction) have completed two major funded research projects for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). These are:

  • A Green Profession: RICS Members and the Sustainability Agenda (carried out in conjunction with University of Melbourne and Georgia State University with support from King Sturge); and,
  • Why China, Why Now? The role of property markets in supporting economic and social development in China

The Green Profession research (led by Prof. Tim Dixon, Dr Andrea Colantonio and David Shiers of OISD-ILM) suggests that property professionals consider sustainability highly relevant in their daily professional work. Legal compliance, ethical motivations and responsibility to protect the environment are the most important drivers in maintaining engagement, based on a major survey of 47 000 RICS members, with telephone interviews and case study work across three main global regions (UK and continental Europe, America and the rest of the world).

Stephen Brown, Head of Research at RICS said:

With issues of sustainability and sustainable development becoming an increasingly important factor in the global political and business agendas, this report is an invaluable document for the industry and will contribute towards our aspirations of creating a sustainable future. Committed RICS faculties in the area of planning and development, facilities management, environment, minerals and waste management and rural and project management around the world can become key leaders and essential players in the battle against climate change within the built environment worldwide.

For further details see the project website

In the Why China Why Now? report, funded by RICS and Shui On Land, Dr Albert Cao and Dr Ramin Keivani explore the degree to which China s property markets are ready, both to take their place on the world stage as part of the global investment market, and to play their role in supporting the development of the Chinese economy and society. In the foreword to the report Mr See Lian. Ong (Chairman of RICS Asia Pacific) writes:

This report by Oxford Brookes University provides a clear analysis of the processes driving property markets in China to date and puts forward a clear set of recommendations as to how this can be sustained, supporting the harmonious economic and social development of China. I welcome and commend this report and I am sure that the recommendations that it puts forward can be of great value in supporting the future development of the Chinese economy and society

Further details of the report may be found on the RICS website



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