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Greening and Energy-Efficient Cities: UK-India Symposium, 7-8 February, British Council Delhi, India

Rajat Gupta
Rajat Gupta (front row left with other conference speakers)

February 2007

The first UK-India symposium on ‘Greening Events and Energy-Efficient Cities for Lasting Legacies’ co-organised by Dr Rajat Gupta (a senior researcher based in OISD) and Professor Susan Roaf with British Council, closed in Delhi (India) on 8 February 2007 with a route-map for future action in greening events, energy-efficient cities and lasting legacies. It has called for cities, to adopt renewable and sustainable energy strategies, and to consider major international events like the Delhi Commonwealth Games in 2010 as an opportunity of reducing the environmental impact of the event itself and the city as well, through sustainable design and construction of sports venues and infrastructure.

conference slide

The high-profile event was opened by the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mrs Sheila Dikshit on 7 February 2007, and attended by about 400 delegates from the worlds of architecture, science, business and policy-making, including 150 students from the schools of architecture and engineering. The symposium programme included specific sessions in areas of sustainable architecture, infrastructure development for greening games, sustainable transport, resource efficiency in planning, as well as exploring positive action for a lasting legacy. Representatives from about 20 Indian cities participated, whilst six Mayors declared their support for greening cities and events, as part of the closing ceremony, which concluded with an inspiring speech by Dr Karan Singh, Member of Parliament, India. Meetings were held between the UK speakers and the Delhi Mayor and planning authorities on 9 February to discuss how the concepts of greening events and cities could be put into practice.

This major UK-India symposium, not only brought together like-minded professionals and institutions to share expertise and experiences related to greening events and cities, but it has also acted as an incubator for a number of collaborations and knowledge-based networks for future.

Dr Rajat Gupta, Conference Co-chair said:

“Delhi is witnessing rapid urban growth to meet the demands of an increasing urban population, and the forthcoming 2010 Commonwealth games. This UK-India symposium has shown how environmental and sustainable strategies could be infused in both new and existing buildings and infrastructure to work towards a credible sustainable future and significantly improve the quality of life for all involved.”


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