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OISD Wins New Contract with UrbanBuzz Programme

August 2007

Jenks and Dair
Prof Mike Jenks and Dr Carol Dair

The Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development (OISD) has been appointed as Independent Evaluator on a major new £5 million Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF 3) – funded initiative called ‘UrbanBuzz: Building Sustainable Communities’. The evaluation project is led by Professor Mike Jenks, with Professor John Glasson and Professor Tim Dixon and Dr Carol Dair has been appointed as the research fellow to carry out the evaluation.

UrbanBuzz is a 2 year joint venture between UCL and the University of East London and involves over 120 partner organisations from the worlds of finance, management, design and implementation together with residents and regulators. It is a practical, evidence-based programme designed to share knowledge, stimulate new thinking and make the ideal of building sustainable communities a reality. Its overall aim is to increase knowledge on how to build sustainable communities; knowledge transfer associated with building sustainable communities has been identified as a key factor to enable successful delivery.

Mike Jenks said:

“As the Independent Evaluator, our task is to evaluate the success of the UrbanBuzz programme in achieving its sustainability and knowledge transfer objectives, and the effectiveness of the UrbanBuzz processes through sponsorship of projects, innovation and business fellows, courses, and networks. OISD  has provided the programme with evaluation criteria and will report on a regular basis to the UrbanBuzz Programme Board. This work is a vital part of the whole programme”.

Carol Dair said:

“It is not knowledge per se that is the problem but the lack of the right knowledge in the right places to inform development that is thwarting delivery. We are delighted to win this contract and we are working closely with the Urban Buzz team”.

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